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Concord Grove Press makes readily available in a distinctive paperback format seminal texts of lasting value, including new renditions of sacred scriptures from the world's major spiritual traditions, contributions to philosophic and literary thought, and reprints of classic works.

Linking the mystical and practical, the timeless and timely, these works explore the relevance of ancient thought to daily life and to contemporary social structures and future possibilities for cultural change.

These beautifully printed volumes invite the reader to rethink and renew a vital sense of participation in the global inheritance of humanity and the emerging cosmopolis.

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Any person can rediscover their membership in the commonwealth of humanity by incarnating the best that can be gleaned from the great religions, cultures and literatures, diverse schools of thought and differing modes of creativity. Anyone can devise his own blend of flavours from the world's heritage, and can make anything one's own through frequent use.

From the Foreword, The Jewel in the Lotus