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Concord Grove Press is an independent, not for profit publisher of spiritual and philosophical texts that encourages individual study of ancient spiritual teachings and offers practical guidance in the application of ethical principles. Extensive introductions and clear translations of several sacred texts stimulate creative imagination, metaphysical understanding and ethical responses to the challenges of contemporary life. Texts on political and social philosophy explore ideas that can transform societies and improve the quality of life for all. Linking the spiritual and practical, these distinctive books and pamphlets can be used to inspire one to rethink and renew a vital sense of participation in the global inheritance of humanity and in an emerging cosmopolis. These beautifully bound and inexpensive texts can be purchased by internet, mail, telephone, or fax. Click on ordering for instructions.

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Any person can rediscover their membership in the commonwealth of humanity by incarnating the best that can be gleaned from the great religions, cultures and literatures, diverse schools of thought and differing modes of creativity. Anyone can devise his own blend of flavours from the world's heritage, and can make anything one's own through frequent use.

From the Foreword, The Jewel in the Lotus